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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Re-clarification Of the Basic Issues In the Control Of Your Name and Personal Data

Recently, it came to my attention that there was some much needed clarification of my concept that you should have 100% control over your name and personal data. The idea is really not as complex as it might seem and this post is a follow-up to simplify, at least, the basics.

First, let’s backtrack and cover the foundations of the idea. It is my judgment, based on thirty-five years of selling your name in the junk mail industry, and ten years researching the concept, that you should be given 100% control over your name and personal data. You should receive that right through federal legislation, which is the goal of my grass roots efforts. There are at least five major points in favor of passing this law:

1.You will have complete control over how your name and private information are used in the marketplace.

2.You will be assigned a unique ID which will completely replace the Social Security number for purposes of identification.

3.You will be able to opt-in, not have to opt-out, in receiving any junk mail offers.

4.You will be able to literally eliminate all identity theft.

5.The JACKPOT: You will share in the proceeds of the sale of your name and personal data.

As an added benefit, you would be given the option to act as your own watch-dog to approve any credit-related transactions in your name. This simplified and sophisticated system of notification would stop ID theft in its tracks but would require your immediate reaction to an e-mail or telephone call. Even if you decide not to participate in the individual oversight, which would nip it in the bud, you would still be covered by the current guarantees for limits on liability.

Personally, I cannot understand why anyone would not want to maintain a tight fist over all aspects of their privacy. So there’s a little inconvenience to replying to an e-mail or telephone call, but look at the rewards. For the first time, and backed by law, you get to decide about what remains private about you and your family.

Okay, there must be some exceptions, and there are: the primary one being Homeland Security. This does not mean that government has the right to access your name and private information for any reason it chooses. But, if it is truly a high level security situation, the feds must have that right. Others may exist to accommodate data needed by business where you have officially opted-in, as well as certain requirements in the medical and financial fields. However, Congressional oversight would have to be established for any of these intrusions.

We’re still working on the final plan, so make your opinions known by leaving me your comments. Remember, the 2006 elections are just over the horizon, and we could make some headway with Congressional leaders sympathetic to consumer causes and maybe elect a few new ones that will vote our way.


Patty Risinger said...

I agree 100%. Can we add our support and forward your blogs to our Senators and Congressmen?

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