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Monday, April 18, 2016

New vampire book must read #ian1

Hello book enthusiasts…#ian1

Arizona isn’t quite ready for an oversexed, bisexual housewife, who suddenly becomes a supernatural creature with a mission to kill targeted Arizona politicians in my new novel, NYMPHOMANIA BLOODLUST. Amy Rogers is a nymphomaniac vampire who bites her way through several politicos, including the Governor, along with innocent citizens. Add to that Arnold “Arnie” Barber, a 65 year-old Midwestern snowbird turned werewolf, spawned for the same objective, and you have a paranormal war going on in Phoenix, Arizona.

NYMPHOMANIA BLOODLUST is a soft-horror novel—described so because the several vampires and werewolves are amateurs—mixing the violence of preternatural beings with the escapades of Amy Rogers as the hot-to-trot vampire who must satisfy her sexual needs along with the insatiable desire for blood. The book starts and ends in the Superstition Mountains, just southeast of Phoenix. The mountains and Jacob “Dutchie” Walzer’s Lost Dutchman Mine have been a great source of interest to tourists, hikers and greedy prospectors, some of which have suffered the wrath of these rugged cliffs and valleys.

Please tell your friends and neighbors and you can buy Nymphomania Bloodlust here.