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Friday, August 18, 2006

Experian Denies My Right to Dispute Credit Report Problem

Why Is Experian So Elusive?

In my last post on August 9, “Level of Competence at Experian Credit Bureau Found to Be Low,” I was unable to get my credit report from Experian’s Credit Manager, where I have been a member for over twenty-five years, paying $90 annually for the service. After hours on the Internet and telephone with Credit Manager personnel who turned out to be completely useless—and being regularly “escalated” to the “right” people—I finally reached a supervisor who was known as…the Escalation Manager.

Mark sounded competent, acted like he wanted to help, and spent another hour covering the same material as the “useless” bunch. I was wrong. He couldn’t help me, even if he wanted to. Something was also blocking Mark—the Credit Manager Escalation Manager, no less—from accessing my credit report.

Impossible to File Dispute With Experian

When I requested that Mark fix the problem, the answer was that Experian wouldn’t let him. It made no difference that I made my membership payment to and received my credit reports from Credit Manager. I would have to contact Experian direct to file a dispute, which he “hoped” would solve everything.

After a brief out-of-town trip, I tried to file an online dispute with Experian, giving them every possible bit of personal ID necessary to identify me. The result was a message labeled, “Error.” “We are unable to allow access to our online dispute services at this time.” I thought, by law, they were required to take credit disputes, which I am researching.

Then, a call was made to Experian with a phone number supplied by Mark. I was denied access to my credit report again in an automated telephone call from the number he provided, with the words, “We are unable to process your order.” Then, amazingly, they instructed me to order a credit report by mail, giving me an address. Why? To receive a letter stating that they are unable to process my order by mail? There was absolutely no way to reach a human being from this telephone number, so I called the “useless” folks again.

“Useless” Staff Refuse Dispute Help

All I wanted was for someone to give me an address to file a dispute. As usual, I was “escalated” to the “right” people, but they all refused to give me the “dispute” address. Finally, the last guy noticed my prior activity with Mark, and once again “escalated” me to the Escalation Manager. After a five minute wait, “Mr. Useless” came back on and told me to call Mark in one hour. I did and left word on his voicemail, then had to call back the next day.

Mark, the Escalation Manager, returned my second call, had nothing new to offer, and basically told me there was no more that he could do, intimating that I was on my own. He refused to call his parent, Experian, about my problem, had absolutely no suggestion other than another phone number he was rummaging around in his desk to find, while cautioning me at the same time that he had no idea if it would work. I declined and hung up.

Why has the entire Experian Credit Manager staff been so deceptive in dealing with me in this matter, and why doesn’t Experian provide them with a direct line when everything else fails, as it has in this case? Mark replied to this question by stating that Experian does not want the telephone calls. In other words, just wear them down, as they have in my case, and maybe they will go away. I won’t.

Conspiracy Theory

But could I be wrong about the incompetency? The treatment by Experian’s Credit Manager staff sure seems like I am being jerked around in a concentrated effort to prevent me from seeing my credit records. And, that is my right so that I can protect my family against identity theft.

I’m beginning to smell a conspiracy, a veiled attempt at a warning from the junk mail industry, based on the fact that The Dunning Letter has repeatedly criticized data brokers like Experian—they maintain a database of over 215 million consumers nationwide, with a significant amount of private information other than your credit records—and I am advocating federal legislation to give consumers control over their names and personal data.

More on this later.


Anonymous said...




Jack E. Dunning said...

Hello LC...

Thanks for your comment and let me see if I can help.

First, be sure there is no policy at Capital One on opening a second account. You probably did, but this is primary to the next step, contacting Experian.

Second, you said you had been trying to reach someone at Experian for three days. Were they just incompetent, as in my case, or is there another reason you can't make contact? The number I was given by a Credit Manager Supervisor (I have been a member 25 years, allowing me to check my credit report any time) to call Experian direct was (888) 888-8553. Here is a link from Experian's site:

Third, you obviously received a copy of your credit report (free/paid?), and there should have been a link, with the Capital One denial, to file a dispute. If that is no longer available to you, go to the following site: It should allow you to file a dispute since (a) you have been denied credit and (b) you have requested a copy of your credit report.

Keep in mind, my problem is that my credit report is blank, zilch, contains no credit information at all. At least you got to your credit report and, along with Capital One's denial, they must allow you to file a dispute.

The "dispute" is what sets everything in motion to correct the problem. Experian must correct any inaccuracy in a given period, based on the problem.

If you are being denied this right, you should file a complaint with the FTC at the following site:$.startup?Z_ORG_CODE=.

I wish I could help more but I have done everything I advised you to do, above, with no results yet. The origin of my problem is so suspicious (considering my blog criticism of data brokers like Experian) that I have also contacted privacy advocates. I'll keep you posted on this.

Please also let me know of your progress and, through both of our experiences, there should be excellent material for my next post on this situation

Thanks again for your input.

Jack E. Dunning
The Dunning Letter

Anonymous said...

I feel you, I am dealing with exactly the same problem right now. I can't get my credit report no matter what I've tried, and no phone number to get through to a person and no mailing address, so yeah, totally useless

Jack E. Dunning said...

Thanks for your Sept. 16 comment. I urge you to file a complaint with the FTC. I did. I have it from good sources that the FTC fined all three credit bureaus the last time they got a rash of these complaints. Here's the site:$.startup?Z_ORG_CODE=

Good luck!

Jack E. Dunning
The Dunning Letter

Jack E. Dunning said...

Thanks for your Sept. 16 comment. I urge you to file a complaint with the FTC. I did. I have it from good sources that the FTC fined all three credit bureaus the last time they got a rash of these complaints. Here's the site:$.startup?Z_ORG_CODE=

Good luck!

Jack E. Dunning
The Dunning Letter

Anonymous said...

I cannot access my credit report online and I need it for an apartment application. I have never had this problem before. I haven't accessed my report in the last year and all my information in correct. Does this mean that something is wrong with my credit? Any suggestions on what I can do? Do I now have to try to access it via mail and wait to be denied then as well? thanks for the help and support.

Jack E. Dunning said...

Credit report for apt. application comment: Sounds like your problem is similar to mine in not being able to access report. However, I am a paid member of Credit Expert, which is a part of Experian, so you would be dealing with different people. First, This does not necessarily mean something is wrong with your report; you know if anything has happened to affect it negatively, like applications for credit, other inquiries, etc. Second, what site are you trying to access your report through? If it is one of the free or combined reports (Experian, Equifax, TransUnion)you will have to contact them through their customer service. If one of the three credit bureaus, through their cust. service. Your first line of action should be telephone, followed by e-mail if that doesn't work, then mail. It is very unfortunate but the incompetence levels at the credit bureaus' cust. serv. is very high, and there doesn't seem to be anything we can do about it now but file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, which you can do here:

Please let me know your progress, and if I can do anything else. Contact me direct at:

Jack E. Dunning
The Dunning Letter

Anonymous said...

There is a reason that Experian has such a crappy reputation - they are incompetent.

I recently disputed several items on my credit report via their online dispute process.

One item, they updated - by adding that I needed to contact the creditor (A paid off account that I have documentation of that status).

Another account - which was not mine, nor was I ever a party to... is listed and they just responded that it remains on my report (no explanation).

Yet a couple of others -they updated dates on the accounts - to incorrect dates.

And if you try again to dispute these accounts, their system will not allow it - you must mail in documentation (what documentation do I need to send in for an account that was never mine in the first place?).


Anonymous said...

I have recently embarked on a quest to rerpair my credit. Upom reviewing my credit report I noticd that Experian has listed my sister as my alias, they have her adverse accounts on my credit report. TransUnion and Equifax have been very compliant in removing the inaccuracies from my account but Experian absolutely will not get back to me. I have sent them numerous letters with all pertinent id verification and all to no avail. I am literally at my wits end with them. My next step is to inquire about suing them for defamation of character. I dont know what else to do. Its been 2 months and I know that under the FCRA they have 30 days to resolve a dispute. Any suggestions???

Jack E. Dunning said...

I think it is obvious that from my two posts criticizing the credit bureau, and the number of comments to those posts that Experian has a major problem with communication. Here’s what I advise: First, file a complaint with the FTC ($.startup). I did and can’t help but believe they must be getting hundreds of others, thus, hopefully, some action. Second, contact Public Justice (, and ask them to take your case. Third, tell Privacy Rights Clearinghouse about your problem (, and that you have filed a complaint with the FTC. They may be able to follow up. Finally, if all these steps fail, and if you have a good attorney, you might carefully consider filing a lawsuit against Experian. But first get an idea from the lawyer of just what litigation will involves in terms of time, and get a firm quote on the fee. Keep in mind that Experian has unlimited resources of legal advice.

Good Luck!

Jack E. Dunning
The Dunning Letter

Anonymous said...

A year later, and Experian is just as incompetent. My husband's social security number is incorrect on his credit report, which means we can't get a credit report, and you can't dispute what's on your credit report until you get the credit report. Figure that one out. Experian makes it extra-specially impossible, as they send you to a local affiliate who tells you to contact Experian directly, who sends you to the affiliate saying they don't handle yours, but the affiliate won't handle it either.

My husband wants to be part of this country, yet he can't even get a CASH SECURED credit card because of this problem that can't be fixed. The slap on the face is that these companies have no responsibility for verifying even the basic information they have on you. THEY transposed the numbers and WE have to pay for it?

Anonymous said...

I'm another victim of Experian's incompetence.I found out my record in their database was a mess after I started getting solicitations from different collectors and finally ordered a credit report from Experian.

The name on the my record is wrong. They associate me with several names which are even that similar to my name. They even associate me with another SSN! I have 7 negative accounts which I have no idea of. I was trying to dispute on line but only found out it's useless. I'm now trying to send Experian a letter with all the wrong information highlighted and hope god bless me.

Anonymous said...

Good luck to everyone! I was "error"'d also with all 3 agencies. Told to mail in request for a report.

But, My husband was able to get his free report and at the end said "spouce". We were able to get my report that way from Experian.
If your married - Good luck!

Anonymous said...

It's been 2 years since this site started. It's now May 2008 and nothing's changed. Experian put a woman's name that sounded similar to mine on my report and listed that as my alias. They also put her delinquent acct. on it. I have my credit report but can't dispute it on line because I can't answer 4 questions to Experian's liking (most likely because Experian has wrong data)I get nowhere with the voicemail on their phone system. Why won't they take a letter and where can I send it?

Anonymous said...

I have the 3 in 1 credit watch with Equifax. I am very happy with them and they have removed all information on my account that was not mine and they have resolved incorrect issues.

However, I am having a terrible issue with Experian. I disputed some info about a year ago they say that the items (that equifax removed) were viable and for some reason I cant re open the dispute, each time I try they basically say that I only get one dispute. I even sent them the letter from Equifax saying that the same items were removed. I have sent a letter to the FTC and they said that they added my complaint to their database. The incorrect stuff on experian makes me look bad, whereas Equifax shows my tue identity. How can I get Experian to see the light?

Jack E. Dunning said...

Unfortunately, all I hear about Experian is that the person--like yourself--cannot get the credit agency to do the right thing. You have already done what I first suggest, filing a complaint with the FTC. If you have lost money, or have grounds to sue Experian--like what they did prevented you from buying a car or house--then you should apply with Public Justice to take your case. Go to:

I am forwarding your comment to one of the country's top privacy authorities to see if she can shed any light on action against Experian, because "Experian dispute" is the number two search criteria for this blog. I will post another comment in this section if I come up with something.

Thank you for your comment.

Jack E. Dunning
The Dunning Letter

Sean said...

I find it interesting that 2 years later and NOTHING has changed. Here's a story, and a bit of info for you...

In Feb 2006 I completed a Deed In Lieu with Saxon Mtg Company. They continued to report it to the credit reporting agencies with a Zero Balance, but Open and actively delinquent.
I disputed the information with the agencies, and Equifax and Transunion SOMEWHAT corrected their records, and Experian sent me a form letter stating that they have verified the information with Saxon.
At this point I contacted Saxon to find out what was going on. They said everything was correct in their records but they would send an update to the agencies as a courtesy (Yes, they said COURTESY!). Silly me, I thought that was the end. Several months later I checked my credit on a whim. Lo and behold Experian is still reporting the Saxon account! Over the course of the next 6 months I did 4 online disputes and 2 disputes by mail. The disputes by mail I included a letter I received from Saxon stating the account was Closed as of Feb 2006 and should no longer be reporting. Every single time, it was CHANGED, but never fixed, and I would receive some form letter from them stating that the information was verified.
I spent a week tracking down a phone number yell at someone. The general number is a maze of self service menus where it is impossible to speak to a live person. I FINALLY get someone on the line, and find out that *EVERY* time I did a dispute, they do a computerized verification. No one actually calls anyone! No one does any kind of research! They just press a button, and move on! I come to find out that the computer on Saxon's end that Experian is using to verify my account is incorrect! So a few months dealing with Saxon, and that issue is supposed to be taken care of.
I have spent well over 400 hours on the phone with Saxon trying to get this issue resolved. I'm transfered a MINIMUM of 4 times every call, and everyone claims some other department can help me. Over the past year and a half, I have left 50 messages with the REO department and I have yet to receive even one phone call back. Their "Customer Resolution Team" has no phone number. The only way you can contact them is via Mail or Fax!
I contacted an attorney because I felt that at this point Saxon was in serious violation of the FCRA. I provided the attorney a huge stack of information, 4 or 5 credit reports, all the dispute information, contact information and notes from dealing with Saxon, etc. A week later he calls me and drops the case. What I came to find out via other sources is that he didn't feel like doing any kind of work, and they only take sure winning cases on a contingency basis. In Ohio unless you can prove willfull non-compliance (which I would this this SCREAMS of it) you can get a *MAXIMUM* of $1000 in court! Yes, I spent two years, over 400 hours, I'm denied countless loans for cars, apt complexes won't lease to me, and now I'm being denied school loans, and I can get a whole $1000, which won't even cover the expense of an attorney! They know this, and it's just not worth their time!

Anyway, so here I am now... I had a friend draft a legal letter to Saxon stating they are in noncompliance of the FCRA and the need to correct my credit ASAP. Saxon has done their part. Equifax and Transunion have actually removed Saxon completely from my credit report! Experian updated it to report for the last two months (before it ONLY had Feb reporting)! I tried to do yet another online dispute, and the system won't let me, I get a message stating "You've already disputed this and we've verified it. If you wish to provide more information do this..."
Now I wonder if it's back to Saxon and their verification computer, or if it's just the complete and utter ignorance on Experian's part. Why hasn't there been massive class action suites against them?! I've worked my ass off to get into a highly respected business program, and now I can't complete it because Experian refuses to correct my credit! I believe THEY are also in willful noncompliance of the FCRA!
I don't suppose anyone has any current numbers to get someone on the phone? The number I previously used no longer works.

Jack E. Dunning said...

Unfortunately, Experian appears to be unresponsive to anyone with a complaint. Therefore, my recommendation is that you first file a complaint with the FTC here: ( and then contact Public Justice here: ( and ask them to take your case against Experian.

Good luck!

Jack E. Dunning
The Dunning Letter

Sean said...

I've actually filed with the FTC 7 times over the past two years. I never hear anything, and obviously I'm still dealing with it so nothing was done. It sucks when you come to the realization that the people who are SUPPOSED to care, just don't.

Anonymous said...

to dispute with experian call the number at the end.
i have same problem as the other, can not really dispute anything with experian division. they won't even give me the direct number to call. for god sake. i'm trying to disolve a problem. all they want do is sales, sales and sales.they want me to sign up for an account in order to get the direct phone number to call. i don't know what to say but that is on shty answer i get from the experian division.

took me about 3 hour to disolve the dispute. thanks to answerwiki, i was able to get the direct phone number

direct experian Current phone number = (800) 493-1058 . provide the the sensitive info, report number. the option you should dial is 0, keep hit 0 it will get you to talk to a human. if you follow the option number you will talk the marchine. good luck

Anonymous said...

I have been unable to look at my online experian credit report, both paid and free, for 3 or 4 years now. Each time I try, I received an error telling me that experian did not return any data when the information was submitted. This all started one day, after being a paying member of experian's credit monitoring service for about 2 years. Anyone have any ideas what I should do? Thank you for any help you can provide.

The Dunning Letter said...

First of all, I do not understand why you have waited until now to do something about this, if that, in fact, is the case. I am assuming you had a reason to track your credit history, and a 3 to 4 year break could be disastrous. If you haven't already, you must file a complaint with Experian, although in many cases that has produced no results, often not even a reply, from others. Do that here: Next, file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission here: Finally, if you have suffered any financial loss, you might be able to get Public Justice to take your case, here:

This same thing actually happened to me, but my credit report was off line for only a couple months.

Of all three credit bureaus, Experian draws the most complaints; they are second in this site's search priorities. The key to proceeding in the steps outlined above is that hopefully the FTC will receive enough complaints that they will take action against Experian.

Good luck and let me know your results!

Jack E. Dunning
The Dunning Letter

K-DUB in Texas said...

I recently went to purchase a car and realized that my experian credit score was quite a bit lower than the other two. After running a report I realized that a new twist to their reporting has really done me in. They have added a section to the report "Social Security Number Variations." Wow, what do you say to that. They know that they are reporting on several SS numbers. When I called the first person to answer verified that the SS number in that area did indeed belong to, wait for it, she gave me HIS FULL NAME. Oh and another neat feature, I have these other peoples addresses,SS nos., and one of their Date of Birth. I cannot imagine if this is happening across the board what type of exponential effect it is having on our credit system. I am on eternal hold now and will update after a month or so.
I had to log into another website to get my 3 in 1report "Truecredit" so that I would know the answers to the questions that are all wrong on experians. Once I had my experian addresses etc. it finally let me in.

Good Luck everyone.

Thank you this page is very helpful.

Jack E. Dunning said...

Thanks for your comment, Kevin. I hope you don't mind, I forwarded it to one of the top privacy organizations in the country that I have conferred with before about Experian. It is hard for me to understand how Experian continues to get away with these kinds of practices. Maybe there is hope with the incoming administration. Please let me know of any further developments


Jack E. Dunning
The Dunning Letter
Cave Creek, AZ

Susan said...

Mr. Dunning,

I also have a horror story history to report re Experian. This company is not only incompetent; they are fraudulent. I found in just the past month that they charged me for a credit score reported to me as 781 while at approximatey the same time, they reported my score to Credco, a lending agency arm, as 688. I verified this again today. I went to their website and checked my credit report again and found that my score there was now listed as 768 while yesterday they reported my score to Credco as 667 - a 101 point difference! I am thinking class action lawsuit. What do you think?


Jack E. Dunning said...

Hi Susan...

As you can see from the number of comments on this post on Experian, plus many of the other posts I have done on this company, they have become a nemesis to many consumers. For me to say I do not understand how they get away with it is one thing, but some of the top privacy advocates in the country say the same thing.

Having said that, you have an awesome credit score and you must protect it. I have been thinking class-action lawsuit for several years, but have not had the time to coordinate the effort, nor locate the right attorney. The latter is extremely important.

In the meantime, here are three steps that will give all of us the right ammunition when we can put a class-action together.

First, file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission here: Be sure and include all the material you have and document the issue carefully.

Next, if you have been wrongly denied credit due to Experian, there is another organization, Public Justice, that might agree to take your case at no charge. Generally, I believe, you have to have lost money in the situation. They can be reached here:

Third, I also recommend that readers contact their congressional representatives and tell them about their problem, especially the fact that you know so many more consumers are in the same dilemma. You can find members of Congress here:

Please stay in touch with me Susan, by direct e-mail to, and let me know the outcome of your actions. We can also talk of pursuing the class-action somewhere in the future.

Thank you for your comment!


Jack E. Dunning
The Dunning Letter

Anonymous said...

While refinancing, I've discovered that my credit history has been combined with my mothers. Fortunately, we both have great scores, but I can't get in touch with someone by phone at Experian to clear this up. I get stuck in an automated loop and it finally hangs up on me. Like Jack said, PLEASE FILE A COMPLAINT! THEY CAN'T BE ALLOWED TO HOLD OUR CREDIT SCORES HOSTAGE!

Nancy, Virginia

Jack E. Dunning said...

READERS, LISTEN TO NANCY! Her statement, "THEY CAN'T BE ALLOWED TO HOLD OUR CREDIT SCORES HOSTAGE!," is one of the most profound opinions ever voiced on this blog. Actually, I wish I had said it, but thank you, Nancy, for taking the time to speak out against Experian!

Jack E. Dunning
The Dunning Letter

Anonymous said...

everyone here contact the BBB

Susan said...

In addition to seeking redress at the Better Business Bureau, I urge everyone here to go to and let President Obama know what these credit reporting agencies are up to - or not up to.

Best of luck to all of us.

Anonymous said...

Experian if you have not noticed has clients that run our credit reports including Lending Tree. They are pro income and get their money from your creditors not you. I have personally sent my Congressman and Senator a letter and filed a claim against them under the Fair Trade Credit Act. I am also going to go through and save all the letters they send me telling me I can't dispute and any correspondance at this point. The credit bureaus say they only report what the company gives them but honestly they have no incentive to truly investigate the real truth. If you are interested in my experience Experian is the most mysterious and harder one to work with. I recommend you read Clark Howard at
Write your Senator and Congressman with the backup and letters
File a report with the FTC online against them
You must keep the correspondance and any proof from creditors that you are right
Also I think it will help the government as I think they will soon be investigated thoroughly or at least my congressman is pushing it.

Jack E. Dunning said...

Thank you for the comment. I hear your concerns but you do not state your specific complaint. Experian is guilty of so many things that it is always good to see if we have a new problem with them. You are certainly doing all the right things, so keep up the good work, and let others know.

No doubt hundreds would like to see Experian investigated, and you say your "congressman is pushing it." Can you tell me who your congressman is so that I can share the volume of complaints I have heard against them. E-mail me at:

Thanks again

Jack E. Dunning
The Dunning Letter

Susan said...

The comments I've read here mirror exactly my experience with the credit bureaus. Among the three, the only one with integrity is Equifax. Experian who likes to claim that it is "the best!" is absolutely the worst. Experian positively likes to report negative information and better yet, they like to hold on to negative information: Even after Dillard's wrote and took full responsibility for misreporting my credit status, Experian was unwilling and then extremely reluctant to change their record. They are lazy at best, incompetent at worst. I'm heartened to learn here that my experience has been replicated by so many others and that finally movement is afoot to put these companies - TransUnion is nearly as bad as Experian - out of business. It's time. We deserve far better. Above all, these companies should not be allowed to make money on the side by using our credit information. It amazes me that this kind of quasi-legal? - downright illegal? -abuse has been allowed for so long, but after Wall Street, nothing should amaze any of us. Write and tell them that the credit bureaus are the next rat's nest and that STAT attention to this mess is required.

Anonymous said...

As a former employee of Experian it gets worse most people don't know that much of their credit data is now being off shored in Chile. And Experian marketing department that sells marketing lists which includes your SSN, Date of Birth, Income, real estate and childrens information is now being off-shored and handled in Costa Rica!

Susan said...

Experian is in the business of denial. The latest communication I received from them is signed Experian's Consumer Assistance Center. It should read Experian's Consumer Resistance Center.

I went to a credit repair agency after having tried unsuccessfully for months/years to get relief from bogus collection agency debts through the "good" offices of Experian and TransUnion. These companies tell you they are investigating a claim when they, in fact, do no investigations whatsoever. They collude with the reporting agencies in a perverted relationship, somewhat akin to pimping, that allows no relief to the consumer.

I received a form letter from Experian yesterday - they are masters at the form letter which represents the sum total of their "investigative" technique - i.e., they send a form letter, probably get a form letter in response and call this "an investigation." The form letter I received yesterday informed me that someone was investigating on my behalf and that they did not believe this "someone" had authority to do so. They then informed me that they would investigate on my behalf "free of charge." This form letter is a stonewall that gives me, the consumer, no information as to how I can let Experian know that, YES, I DID AUTHORIZE AN INVESTIGATION and NO, I DON'T WANT EXPERIAN'S HELP - FREE OF CHARGE - BECAUSE I KNOW WHERE THIS SO-CALLED FREE OF CHARGE INVESTIGATION WILL LEAD. I was so angry I called the FTC help line this morning and got simply one more case number among others to verify the lodging of a complaint. What I wanted to know from the FTC help line is outcomes: What does a consumer have a right to expect from the FTC regarding the lodging of multidinous complaints about multidinous infractions of consumer rights by the very organizations who are supposed to be protecting? and or helping!!! us. Go to the FTC website and find out! This agency is as bad or worse than the SEC.

Jack E. Dunning said...

To the former employee of Experian...

As you can see by the number of complaints to this post against Experian , the situation is critical for many. I urge you to contact me by e-mail at to discuss your experiences.

Thank you

Jack E. Dunning
The Dunning Letter

Anonymous said...

I am trying to dispute several mistakes on my Experian credit report for the first time and, after reading all these posts, I am not feeling particularly optimistic. As Jack Dunning mentioned above, I also tried to file an online dispute. The result was the same: a message labeled, “We are unable to allow access to our online dispute services at this time.”
I will send them my dispute in writing although I see two different PO Boxes (2014 and 9556) at the same Allen, TX address. Anyone know which is correct? I'll keep you posted.

Anonymous said...

By the way, here's the link to their dispute steps. They keep trying to get you to sign up and dispute on line, but as i said in the previous post, that's a no-go.

Btw, since my last post, I've learned that Experian changes their dispute addresses or PO Box numbers over time. The latest is PO 2002 in Allen, TX. I guess i will send them to all the addresses I have.


Susan said...

To Anonymous Who is Trying to Dispute Issues with Experian...

I tried for nearly six months in 2006 to have two bogus collection agency debts removed from my Experian credit report. While Experian would write me form letters and say they were disputing, had disputed, would dispute, nothing was ever done. Furthermore, I think they enable fraudulent companies. Here is the basis of my deduction: I consulted a credit repair agency late in 2008 and this agency in a very short period of time forced the recalcitrant creditor(s) to produce evidence. There was none. They had no evidence! But in 2006 when Experian was supposedly acting on my behalf, I got nowhere. In fact an employee of one of these agencies hung up on me when I called to ask for proof. My advice to you is that if your issues are the least bit complicated, get a credit repair agency to intercede on your behalf because Experian will do nothing for you. They will simply waste your time and drive you crazy.

Jack E. Dunning said...

Hello all Experian Victims...

The complaints against Experian never seem to abate, and I do not expect this to improve. Since there are no rumbles among the privacy organizations I am familiar with re. any action against Experian, I am not really sure what it will take to expose this company's bad consumer practices.

Ron, along with contacting a credit repair agency as recommended by Susan--and I warn you to check them out thoroughly--you should file a complaint with the FTC here:

I am doing my best to locate someone in Congress to investigate Experian's behavior.

Good Luck!

Jack E. Dunning
The Dunning Letter

Anonymous said...

Wow! While I wish everyone had better luck, it's nice to know I'm not the only one. I am trying to have multiple errors removed from my credit report. I was able to speak with both Equifax and TransUnion today in about 15 minutes to have my disputes filed. Experian has been a nightmare and I am at a loss as to what to do. I am furious!

Jack E. Dunning said...

Believe me, you are not alone, but I know that doesn't begin to solve your problem with Experian. At this point, I am not sure anything will help short of a class-action lawsuit, or an investigation by Congress. With all the things going on in the economy, do not think we will get any satisfaction from congressional leaders until there are signs of improvement.

The only way to get class-action litigation going is for as many of the people as possible experiencing problems with this credit bureau to contact me by e-mail (not anonymous) and indicate their willingness to participate in a lawsuit, providing name, address and particulars on their individual problem. My e-mail is Can't even guarantee then that an attorney would take it based on contingency.

In the meantime, two sites so you can follow through to document your efforts. First, the Experian dispute site if you don't already have it: Second, I urge you to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission here: With enough complaints, the FTC is sure to look into the matter under the new administration.

Good luck and please keep me posted!

Jack E. Dunning
The Dunning Letter

Anonymous said...


I have found your blog. I really like your perspective on complaint letter writing. As I was doing my research, I have also found a great resource for online complaints: Complaint Letters. I think you will find it very interesting and resourceful

Anonymous said...

i am cassanda after receiving release stamped and sealed documents from the irs pertaining to removal of a tax levy on my credit report 2 reporting agencies did so before a 45 day deadline ..but experian has refused even after receiving copies of sad papers their only concern is money for a credit report and if u try try to obtain the free annual one from then u are stopped by red tap bull attemps at a purchase and denied and then call to request by phone and they claim u received one online this is criminal and i will contact state and local officals better business and whom ever i can complain about this horrable practice

Needful Things said...

I, too, have been experiencing difficulties with Experian Disputes. I have been dealing with this since 2001 and it is now 2009. This other lady's information is showing up as me. She has a different name, a different social security number, a differen't birthdate but yet is still showing up on MY Credit. All of her credit is also on my credit and she has $528,000 worth of OPEN credit. I have roughly $30,000 is student loans open. She has two mortgages, I have none, since I keep being denied because of all of this. I was in contact this past week with Experian and this lady (sounded like she was from India, whose name was margaret, YEAH RIGHT) went over everything with me for over 2 hours. She claimed she deleted 92 things off of my credit. Next thing I know, I get my credit report in the mail with, again, this other lady's name, her social security number, all her stuff. I call Experian and they claim that I have NEVER contacted them. BUT, I have the RIGHT Credit Report which they emailed to me. They missed one thing on the credit report to delete and it was my past employer. So now, when I tried to order another one, it says that it's not accessible. WTF?? I don't have the money for an attorney even though I threatened them with it. Because Margaret told me that it was Experian's fault because they cross referenced my information with this other lady's stuff. I need to sue this shit out of them but don't have the funds. I've been denied a $200 loan from several different credit unions and banks, I have been denied mortgages and car loans because of this. I am at my wits end with this and am so ANGRY. I have lost many tears and many an angry night over this. I have file claims with the FTC only to get that I am wrong. I am tired and tired of living in apartments and just freaking tired.

Needful Things said...

What do I do? I cannot live this way anymore. I can't get a loan for a car. I work and make my money like every other hard-working American. But because of the laws these big corporations are allowed to totally screw the little gal/guy because they CAN. The $200 loan I put throught was just to see if I could get a loan because of the credit. Every damn time I am denied. I am tired of being denied. I have only Student Loans open on MY credit....I just don't understand how someone who has a totally different name than I do can use my credit? I just don't understand how it is that when I pull my credit report Experian gives me her SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER when this is supposed to be a private number that only I should have. I have her date of birth, her social security number, her everything. I don't want her stuff anymore. I want my own. Then the other bad part is too, that I wanted to change my social security number because of this and the SSA won't let me. Now what, someone else can take my sht but I can't do a damn thing about it.

Susan said...

Hi Needful Things,

I appreciate enormously what Jack has done to provide a forum for those of us who have an accumulation of grievances against the credit bureaus. In my experience, Experian is truly the worst. I went to Lexington Law at the beginning of the year because I was hoping to refinance my mortgage and needed to have my credit reports in best order. Issues that I had tried for three years to have removed were corrected by Lexington within two months. I would consider giving them a call, explaining your issues and asking them approximate cost. I can't remember now how much I paid them but it didn't seem too much for the peace of mind I gained in knowing that there were no longer any outstanding issues on my credit reports, and that I didn't have to fall into a rage everytime the Experian name entered my thoughts. I stayed with Lexington for about four months which was all that was necessary to put things in order. I wouldn't specify a time limit if you do call them because I suspect the entanglement in your report can be cleared up with just a phone call or two from them. They know what they are doing--and how to accomplish what needs to be done.

Best of Luck,

Susan R.

Michael Roman said... is a site ran by volunteer credit repair experts that offers credit dispute letters for credit inquires, late comments, collections, charge-offs, etc for only $89.99. They have examples on the website that show their letters work.

Anonymous said...

I am in a terrible situation.Back in 2006 my ex wife filled bankruptcy and experian is reporting it as mine,so I disputed it with the 3 agencies .Trans union.equifax both removed it but not experian these guys claimed they verified it so I send them a method of verification request as described in the fcra section 611.They send me a letter back stating they dont have to verify it with me at all and say they will not investigate this again as I am confused I did not request them to investigate it again.So I call the court that experian claims they verified with and the court tells me they didnt verify nothing with experian and that they dont verify over the phone or they dont verify electronicly.I asked the receptionist if they could send me a letter stating that and they wouldnt .I have never filed bankruptcy and even pleaded with the rude person at experian to look at my report and they could clearly see there are no items on my report that would indicate that I would have to file,I mean come on when you file for bankruptcy you normaly file because you are in major default with creditors and that would show on your report,I even offered to send her copies of my transunion and equifax to prove that i would have no reason to file what can i do?

The Dunning Letter said...

Hello Anonymous...

As you can see by the 49 comments above, the problems with Experian are endless. The first thing you must do is file a complaint against Experian with the Federal Trade Commission here:

Following that, contact an attorney to see if you have the grounds for legal action. If you have suffered financial loss, this could be possible.

Please let me know by direct email what the outcome is.

Good luck!


Jack E. Dunning
The Dunning Letter

Needful Things said...

I have had these same problems with Experian. $750k worth of issues from someone with my same name. I contacted an attorney who wanted $30k up front to help me. I decided not to pursue this solution. I filed a complaint with the BBB and the FTC and within 2 weeks, everything was taken care of. So far so good and nothing negative has shown up on Experian. I will keep watching though. It really amazed me that this attorney wanted so much money up front before he would assist me. It wasn't like I could get a loan from the bank because my credit was screwed up. I don't have my own home, I don't own my car yet, I have nothing. You know so I had no way of getting that kind of cash for a stupid attorney. I have spent 9 years trying to clear my credit and finally was able to. So, I feel really bad for all the folks that have to deal with Experian because they are a totally useless bunch of crap. Really, the government, FTC, and whomever should shut that place down.

The Dunning Letter said...

Welcome to the club, Needful Things...

I have never heard of an atty.'s fee in that range for a simple consultation. Even to pursue a case, you would think it might be much less. Since your problem was straightened out, this is all moot.

However, I am so glad you were able to straighten it out, and the result was at least in part due to your FTC complaint. I've never had much luck with the BBB in credit bureau matters; could you expand on what part they played?

Hopefully your experience will encourage "Anonymous" earlier to follow through.

I tried to organize a protest against Experian some time ago but didn't enlist enough participants to proceed. We can only hope the number of FTC complaints will result in action against Experian eventually.

Thanks for your input and good luck in the future!


Jack E. Dunning
The Dunning Letter

Needful Things said...

I'm not entirely sure what part BBB played in the my credit report being taken care of. I filled out a form for a complaint with them about Experian but the FTC did a lot more. They were instrumental in taking care of the issue. The attorney that wanted the $30k up front was rather arrogant and expressed no flexibility when I explained to him that I didn't have this much money to give him and he basically said that if wanted to retain him I would pay it. He stated that the whole process (because there were 92 disputed items on my report) would be approximately $50-60 thousand all together...I wanted to cry! He wanted at least half up front. The BBB never returned by calls or emails but the FTC did.

The Dunning Letter said...

Needful Things...

This is great information for readers and those with problems like yours with Experian. Let me clarify one point: did you speak with the FTC by phone as well as filing an online complaint? If so, please provide readers the phone number where you were able to reach them.

Simply put, the attorney was a jerk, and obviously not interested in your case evidenced by the exorbitant fees; something he should have told you in the beginning.

Next time you need an attorney, try

Thanks again for your input!


Jack E. Dunning
The Dunning Letter

Anonymous said...

I just filed a lawsuit on experian for violation of fcra 611 yesterday in my local court.They are reporting a bankruptcy on my report that shouldnt be there,After repeat letters demanding them to verify the method of the way they investigated it under fcrs 611.But im kind of confused on what they have to show me when i demand that from them.Jack do you know what kind of items they have to provide to you when you demand that from them?I called the court that experian claims that verified this and the court told me they dont verify electronicly or by phone ,And thats the way experian claims they verified it,I then asked the court to send me a letter stating that they didnt verify anything with experian but they wouldnt all they would tell me is they didnt verify it with them.They were just as rude as experian,How in the world can experian report a bankruptcy thats not mine,I am going to sue them will they even show up for this court date from what i understand i will only win a 1000 dollars any way?

Anonymous said...

How in the world would it be in experians best interest to have to pay for a lawyer to show up for a court date and to loose a 1000 dollar judgement versus just deleting the bankruptsy.

The Dunning Letter said...

Hello Anonymous...

Good for you in filing the lawsuit against Experian. If more victims did this, Experian might change their ways. Unfortunately, most don't, thus, Experian would rather pay out the $1,000, and continue to do what they please with your personal data. Only an act of Congress will change this in Experian's case.

I have made some contacts re. your questions and will post them when I receive answers.

In the meantime, please keep me and my readers up to date on the status and outcome of your legal action.



Jack E. Dunning
The Dunning Letter

Anonymous said...

This was quite useful. I've been locked out of access to my experian credit report. They claim I accessed their online system six years ago and cannot provide me with the login information because the original e-mail is different than the one I currently hold. Apparently to Experian, an E-mail address is on par with your social.

The issue is that you cannot dispute items with Experian unless your report originates with Experian. Hence going to third parties is not possible (there is supposedly an exception here).

The runaround!

1. customer agent #1 claimed it would take several weeks to set up a ticket to gain access to my account. When he went to check with his supervisor, the supervisor supposedly had him take my e-mail to send the login info. Nothing ever arrived. (also I got a 'ticket number' on the issue.

2. Called back after I did not get the information and the next agent said he was unable to find the ticket number. He then said there was nothing he could do except sign up for (their affiliate.)

When I asked for a supervisor the agent directed me to a second party who took my personal info (n ever explaining why they asked for it) then transferred me to a third person who did not identify themselves. This person asked for detailed personal info including social security #.

"Who are you?" I finally asked the agent in exasperation. Why You're talking to free!

Now I have to check my credit to see I've been signed up to that!

The first two agents were downright sleazy in their outright lies.

This is what I believe is happening- Experian cannot sell your personal info outright but it can direct your to its affiliates during the course of requesting phone information..


Thanks to this website I'm contacting the FTC and an attorney.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure if I met the same problem. I just arrive US and received my SSN ONE week ago. The I applied for a credit card but they told me my SSN doesn't match with Experian's record. So I went to their website trying to get a free report. They asked me 4 questions there. They told me that i received an auto loan in 2000 (when I was just 12) and want to ask for some detail! Then I try to get the annual free report but that require u to input ur address and former address since I lived there for less than 2 year but they do not accept a foreign address! Now I really don't know what to do and wondering if the other two got the same mistake...

The Dunning Letter said...

Hello Anonymous...

Since the SS Administration does not reassign SSN's, yours could not have been active when you were age 12, assuming you are of age now. That means that Experian has incorrect information about you on record, and you must obtain a credit report to correct that.

Since Experian has turned you down on a procedural issue, I would suggest that you talk to Privacy Rights Clearinghouse through an email you can do at this address:

Just state your problem the way you have in your comment, and hopefully they should have an answer for you.

Sorry I can't do more but hopefully PRC will.



Jack E. Dunning
The Dunning Letter

Anonymous said...

It is certainly interesting for me to read this article. Thanks for it. I like such topics and everything that is connected to this matter. BTW, why don't you change design :).

Anonymous said...

Hi everybody. You might be interested to know that you are not suffering alone. Experian & Credit Expert (same thing?) sadly exist in the UK TOO. Presumably we imported them due to our "special relationship". Curiously I believe our Government currently Labour does have some sort of working relationship with Experian which having read your blog just about sums up our Government. When I threatened to take Experian to court for defamation some arrogant prick there replied they would have the case thrown out. THEY DO SEEM TO THINK THEY ARE ABOVE THE LAW AND WHO KNOWS MAYBE THEY ARE AT THE MOMENT!! Like you we need an investigation into Experian and the law needs to be changed in both countries to stop Experian and other so calle credit reference agencies from publishing comments about people without that person's knowledge. Before they publish they should be compelled by law to check with the person they are commenting on and obtain that persons viewpoint. If any "info" is disputed it should have to be removed until the dispute is resolved if necessary by a court. Of course if this happened it would not be financially worth it for these parasites to continue their "business" and they would probabaly all give up. Wouldn't that be a result!!! Rick in the UK.

Anonymous said...

I want to point out one thing. The score you receive from Experian will never match up to the score you get from a mortgage company. The mortgage company is likely using a FICO score issued by the Fair Isaac company while Experian uses a Vantage Score or a Plus Score often nicknamed Fako scores. They have different formulas and ranges and won't look the same.

I am also a former employee and I will only say that there are very competent people working there, that is when Management allows them to be. Most of the information is being sent to other countries now and the home country people are gradually being replaced. If you do reach someone at the company please don't blame them too much for all of this. Chances are that they would love to help but they are only allowed to do so much.

Credit Repair said...

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Anonymous said...

Experian is so screwed up! I received my free annual report history to find that my sister and her husbands credit history is on my report. They have had a ch. 7, repo of a car and a delinquent home loan. Yikes ...this is so upsetting. I am ready to finally use my , once thought good credit, to get married and purchase a home. I guess nobody can be trusted with your personal information. How can you screw up that bad. My sister and I have different first, middle and last names, not to mention different social security numbers and birth dates. I am not a does her husbands info end up on my report as well..crazy.
I have reported Experian to the ICPEN and BBB. This company needs to be stopped!

Gadget said...

We need a class action lawsuit against experion .they have violated my right to dispute online . i disputed online after receiving my reports from idenity with the instructions . after two days the other two Equfax and transunion cleared up the errors i had on my report .experion ignored an investigation and i saw everything was listed as investigated and remains unchanged . I disputed online again providing my evidence . i checked a week later and now i am getting :We are unable to allow access to our online dispute service. We understand that the privacy and security of your information is important to you; therefore, we cannot provide a specific reason as to why we cannot allow access. Our registration process is designed to ensure that your credit information is released only to you. You must have a current copy of your personal credit report from Experian in order to dispute information. Please call 1 800 204 1410 to order your report through our automated service. The report will be delivered by U.S. Mail. Once you receive the report, follow the instructions to dispute information you believe is incorrect.

Lets get together and sue the hell out of them for violating our rights and fraud .

I lost a once in a life time house land because they are 100 points below the other two :(
BTW does not exist . its a blank page .

Pamela said...

Out of curiosity, I decided to check my credit report. CNN News had an ad on the internet to go thru their posted website and you'll get your credit report free. Well when I clicked on the link, I was brought to site, and could not access the request for the credit report unless I signed up for the trial membership with Protect my ID. It was supposed to cost a dollar for this 7 day trial membership. Well, what the heck, why not, it's only a dollar, even though I didn't really like the idea of being forced into this. So I went ahead, signed up for the stupid identity protection, and ordered my credit report. Since it was on Friday that I signed up for the 7 day trial membership, I had to wait until Monday to cancel, because the identity protection company is not open on the weekends. So I called Monday and cancelled my identity protection membership, before it incurred a charge. Then today, Tuesday, I'm looking at my bank charges, and I found a charge from Protect my Identiy for $24.95. I immediately called and asked if that would be refunded to me (thinking it was a premature charge for membership). I was informed that this charge was for my ORDER of my credit reports! When I hit the button to view my credit reports, there was absolutely NO indication that there would be a charge for it!!! He said that since I viewed the ordered reports already, they would not refund my money! I am royally MIFFED!!!!!!! And I want my money back! Not to mention that there are all kinds of inaccuracies in my credit reports!!! How can I get my money back PLUS fix the errors in the reports????!!!!!

Jack E. Dunning said...

Hi Pamela...

Sorry for the delay but just returned from vacation. Unfortunately, in your case, curiosity killed the credit report. I always caution readers NEVER to respond to offers that you can't be reasonably sure about.

That said, I am surprised that major companies like CNN promote offers that are obviously a scam. Your first move should be to contact CNN and complain. I have provided a link here:

Second, file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission you can do here:

There may have been some fine print somewhere you overlooked, but the offer you describe is obviously a come-on that is very borderline ethically, if not legally.

Hopefully this will help! Please email me with your results.

Thanks for reading!


Jack E. Dunning
The Dunning Letter

Anonymous said...

I found a charge from Experian on my mother in law's CLOSED credit card account. She died in September. I ended up having to call the corporate offices to be able to connect with customer service. They refused to do anything about closing the account unless I gave them the full credit card number she was using. The girl then told me they could not look up names, it had to be done by credit card number. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, I was put on hold then disconnected. I again called corporate offices and was sent back to customer service where I demanded to speak to a supervisor. SHE told me they needed the full credit card number. I hung up on her and called corporate again, asking for the public relations office. The operator asked what my problem was and she told me that my wife, as executor, could get the number from the credit card company and then call back to cancel her account. They make it very easy for you to get on their service and almost impossible to get off it.

Anonymous said...

Im About to Apply For A Job There!! Get My Information Corrected!! And Then Quit!!

Anonymous said...

I am legally blind and Experian has refused to provide me with a copy of my free annual report since 2009 after I relocated to Colorado.
The FTC refuses to intervene and this organization refuses to force Experian to follow the law.
Consumers need to petiton Congress to force action. Credit Scoring needs to be banned as this is an indiscreet Caste System that is illegal in the USA.
Experian continues as do other CRA's who are not government agencies and intentionally for a profit violate every State Constitution and the United States constition when they sell your personal information for profit.

Step up and take action where 240 million plus in the United States can make a difference through class action litigation. I am willing are you?


Mike Hussey said...

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Broad Paul said...

I was wrong. He couldn’t help me, even if he wanted to. Something was also blocking Mark—the Credit Manager Escalation Manager, no less—from accessing my credit report.

Anonymous said...

Credit Report Act making newly expanded disclosures notification and consent requirements to apply to employers who use the Fair Credit Report Act when making employment decisions (Morgan, Owens & Gomes, 2000). free credit report vs free credit score

Julie Johnson said...

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ovei bardhan said...

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Anonymous said...

Find name of CEO (try linked in or google directors) and email.or write to him with your complaint mention you have tried to contact them to no avail hence tbats why you are contacting him. Good luck

aki bisw said...

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Anonymous said...

I've worked to prove my innocence to the CRA's for year paid hundreds for reports, RRR letters, learning to only dispute 2 or 3 brief items at a time. Experian only seems to want money. Why doesn't the Don tell us where to send the cash after the Mafioso clears our record of the false information since they refuse to follow the law and they obviously pay the law to look the other way. I have made no progress with Experian and can offer no help. I have been keeping track of my credit report since 1985 and the process is continually evolving and not for the better for Experian. It is really important for the FTC to stop these criminals from operating.

Anonymous said...

I'm upset with the fact that Experian is required to send copies of verification if the consumer requests it. Each and every time, they simple ignore the request sometimes stating they have already sent the information but mostly ignoring the request. They have never sent any kind of verification to me and sometimes simply refuse to. FTC has never required them to. Harry Reid and Mr. Obama need to help us.

Dispute AllThree said...

When you want to upgrade your credit score or have an element removed from your credit report online that is incorrect, you may file a dispute with Experian, which is one of three major credit reporting agencies in the United States.

Anonymous said...

The credit report agency make a hefty amount money from credit reporting. The more items on your report the more money they receive.

Reliant Credit Repair said...

“We are unable to process your order.” Then, amazingly, they instructed me to order a credit report by mail, giving me an address. Why? To receive a letter stating that they are unable to process my order by mail? There was absolutely no way to reach a human being from this telephone number, so I called the “useless” folks again.

Real Credit Repair Companies

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We can not: Hack an account and give it to you
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WE CAN: do penetration tests, phishing attacks, code injections and more to test the security and accessibility of accounts and systems you own or do have Legal permission access.

We get a lot of calls a day so we may not respond to you right away. Paid member brokers get priority access and are called back first.

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