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Thursday, April 19, 2007


I’ve never done this before, but a recent comment I received deserves…no, demands, mentioning. It came from Christi, located out there in the anonymous land of those who believe we should do something now about controlling our names and personal data. She said what I’m doing is “wonderful,” and I have to tell you that busted a few buttons, and gave me the encouragement one needs to plow ahead in this kind of activism. Christi thinks we should all educate ourselves about the dilemmas facing us today, and that more people should share their experiences in areas that could help others cope with certain situations. I agree whole heartedly, and firmly believe that the education of consumers in the issue of ID theft and the factors evolving from this fraud is the only way to bring it to a halt. So, thanks Christi, and keep spreading the word. Your obvious dedication to this concept certainly qualifies you to start your own blog, and I would welcome the opportunity to assist you in your endeavors. If you’re interested, just e-mail me at

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Graham Sadd said...

Jack and I have long agreed about the value of education and information about individuals scattering personal information around without understanding the potential risks of being stored and 'managed' on up to 1,000 different databases in the world. Most have recieved this data legally and hold it for the right reasons BUT it only takes a few to abuse it to cause the individual serious financial and reputational damage.
I am waiting for that Peter Finch moment (Network) when consumers go to their window and shout "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it any more."
Research shows that the most trusted holder of Personal Information is "ME" which means that individuals who recognise that information should be protected, like the cash in their wallet, need a digital 'wallet' under their control. A secure digital 'Safe Deposit Box' for important information and documents that you, and only you, can access at any time from any web browser at your convenience and that you can share with your permission and for your benefit.
If this is what you want then Register now at It's not good enough yet, we are still working on it, and the more people who register - the more suppliers and government will have to listen and respond. Treat registration like signing a petition. I will use that to develop the site to provide an alternative to the problems and risks that Jack has been warning of.
That's the Power of the People.