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Saturday, July 07, 2007


Control Your Name Alliance, Inc. (CYNA) is a non-profit organization formed for the purpose of achieving individual control over our names and personal data, and compensating the name-holder when it is sold. It is a grassroots movement conducting research and education on this issue to determine the best approach to accomplish these goals. Please support your right to control your sensitive data by making a contribution to CYNA and send your check to Control Your Name Alliance, Inc., at P.O. Box 347, Cave Creek, AZ 85331. We aren’t tax exempt yet, so donations are not tax deductible. Please contact me by e-mail ( with any questions.


CreditWatcher said...

It is very interesting... I'd like to know more about this alliance. And what interests me most - if I send this check, can I expect help and assistance in the matter of protecting my info? How much does it cost?

Tom Mayer said...

Hello. I tried to send you a message by e-mail many times but the server declined my request. Perhaps, you wrote wrong e-mail address, or may be I have problems with my internet service provider.