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Monday, September 03, 2007


How many times have you heard this blog exclaim that the ID scamsters have become so advanced in their technology that it is impossible to determine what they will come up with next, or how they will do it. To emphasize this progress, I call your attention to the 17 year old from New Jersey who unlocked the innards of the iPhone to allow owners to use wi-fi providers other than AT&T, who had an exclusive up to then. You can read coverage in the Washington Post. I certainly don’t mean to infer in any way that George Hotz, the young mastermind who pulled this off, has ever had anything to do with the ID theft issue. In fact, this talented geek is on his way to college to further his genius, and will probably someday end up at the top of the technology field. What I do want to say is that this kind of knowledge is not uncommon, especially in the personal data underworld where intelligence of this nature is worth a lot of money. It is especially troubling when the crooks are overseas with little chance of being caught, and with enough time on their hands to explore every possibility. It is never-ending, and with the rampant race of science, it is only just beginning. In fact, my prediction is that by the end of 2007, at least early 2008, there will be groups of identity thieves all over the world, organized to the level of Cosa Nostra, and connected in a similar manner that allows them to work together no matter where they are located. Neither AT&T nor Apple, maker of the iPhone, had contacted Hotz when the WP piece went to press. I would think both would want to line him up for employment following his graduation from college.

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