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Tuesday, November 06, 2007


If you are a normal junk mail shopper, you could receive an additional $607 monthly in your retirement years. If you aren’t, this may be the time to look at this method of shopping, and join my movement to give consumers control over their names and personal data and compensate them when it is sold. The major problem with the junk mail industry is that it has complete domination over your sensitive data, and can do with it as it sees fit. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know that I want to take away this control from junk mail and give it to the individual name-holder. By doing so you would approve all transactions relating to your name and private information, and share in the $4 billion the list industry grosses each and every year. I am proposing a federal law that would grant these rights to consumers, but considering Congress’ inability to even pass a data breach law, it will probably take a series of state laws to get the ball rolling. I have already contacted the state legislatures of California where they are very favorable toward consumers, and my home state of Arizona. If you are willing to contact your state’s legislature on behalf of your identity rights, please e-mail me at: for more details. We don’t have much time because pension plans are drying up or at least cutting back benefits (currently covering only 20% of private sector), and Social Security (one-third of elderly rely on it for 90% of their income), with all the mystery of its condition, could use a significant increase regardless. Robert Ball, former commissioner of Social Security under Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon, said recently in a Washington Post article: “Social Security has never been more important to more Americans than it is now.” Ball cites three “revenue-enhancing changes” to save Social Security which are good, particularly the second one which suggests investing 20 percent of SS assets in equities. Interesting, since my plan is to invest the name-holder portion of what is made from selling our names and personal data by junk mailers at simple interest. Producing an average of $607 monthly (actual amount based on amount of junk mail buying activity), and assuming you live to the ripe old age of 85, retiring at 65 you’ve banked an additional $145,680, and it didn’t cost you anything. Of course if you take a more aggressive approach to investing, you could probably double the $607 figure. The option to the retirement income is to take an annual payout of approximately $65. You can read some past posts on this subject: one, two, three, four, five. To sum up, there are two major points to be made. The first, consumers should have the right of control over their sensitive data, a step that could halt identity theft immediately. Second, the individual should participate in the revenue producing; after all, he or she is the name-holder and without them junk mailers would have nothing to sell. Think about it and let me have your comments.

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