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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

SCOTUS favors business over consumers…who woulda thought?

With the confirmation of Elena Kagan now supposedly a slam-dunk, the Supreme Court will have to deal with another liberal such as the Justice she is replacing, John Paul Stevens. Even then, the court is still slanted to the right in favor of business, according to an analysis by the Constitutional Accountability Center. It remains 5 to 4, and not likely to tilt back left for awhile, based on the ages of the conservative justices. Is that bad?

Yes, for consumers, when you consider what they had to endure in the 8 years George W. Bush was in office. The GOP has no use for the rights of consumers, and it is left up to activists to protect them from the greedy business community. Yes, when it comes to politics, considering the Court’s January 2010 decision to open the floodgates to big money business interests. The typical individual voter cannot compete against this, thus, suffers in congressional legislation.

The study goes on to say that business has won a wide majority of cases recently, even though Justice Sonia Sotomayor is less likely to support business than David Souter, whom she replaced. With 5 justices on the hard left, the corporate world will continue to get its way, and the “Little People” will have to fight for everything they get.

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