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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Is today’s election a repeat of the Truman/Dewey fiasco of 1948? Part 2

In the 1948 election, The New York Times also made the statement: “The Democratic Party might as well immediately concede the election to Dewey and save the wear and tear of campaigning.” At the time, a Gallup poll reported that Truman had only a 36 percent support of the people. It seems the nation was frustrated with taxes and the rising cost of living. The Republican prospects seemed excellent.

Another setback for Democrats in the 1948 election was the emergence of the Progressive Party which really appealed to liberals. They were critical of Truman for not doing enough on his domestic agenda, and didn’t like him standing up to the Soviet Union. Thomas E. Dewey, smelling victory, proceeded with a subdued campaign. Truman, assuming he had nothing to lose, embarked on a 31,000-mile train trip across the U.S.

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