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Monday, August 22, 2016

EXCERPTS from my new book, WITHOUT THE LAMPSHADE-How I Learned to Love my Brown Martini

We had out-of-town friends visit us regularly in Memphis, but our favorites were ‘Warren’ and ‘Jessica,’ not their real names, from Norfolk, while in the Navy; remember Baxter’s Barn? They wanted to go to the Peabody and see the ducks, then go to the roof where there was dancing. We were too late to see the ducks this particular night so we proceeded upstairs where the band was already playing. The Peabody roof bands were featured regularly on CBS radio nationwide.

A friend of mine who had one of the finest radio voices I had ever worked with, “Harry Rhodes,” not his real name, was doing a band broadcast on the network that night. Harry rarely committed a blooper but this night he was somehow rattled when introducing the show and said, “And now CBS presents the music of Benny Firestone coming from high atop the Potel Hebody. He repeated that three more times before getting it right. The drunks didn’t know the difference.

Journey with me boozed up to sobriety in WITHOUT THE LAMPSHADE. It’s a trip on Amazon here.

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