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Monday, June 11, 2007


Orwell’s 1984 had only one Big Brother, but members of the Party of Oceania, the novel’s fictional country, were trained to spout the philosophy from and do the work of the big guy. Just like the followers of GWB who march to only one drummer, Big Brother Bush. Although cloning wasn’t a part of Orwell’s storyline, it is certainly apparent in the imperial authority of the Bush administration. The underlings not only follow orders, they actually act in the image of BBB. The latest case in point is the testimony by Monica Goodling—described as the administration’s enforcer of political purity inside the Justice Department—that the Attorney General might have been trying to “coach” her about what she was about to say before Congress about the firings of federal prosecutors. (Read more in MSNBC article) Gonzales, of course, is one of Dubya’s favorite clones, who also beget his likeness in a guy named John Yoo, a young gung-ho lawyer in Justice. It is Yoo, another follower of Cheney, who wrote the opinions justifying the eavesdropping program on innocent Americans following 9/11. Another Justice lawyer, Jack Goldsmith, put in charge of the Office of Legal Counsel, which offers advice on Constitutional issues, ruled Yoo’s opinions were not legally supportable. Up to this point, we had a relatively obscure Justice employee deciding on the privacy rights of U.S. citizens. And to top it off MSNBC in another article reports that Dick Cheney blocked the promotion of another Justice Department official, Patrick Philbin, who opposed the eavesdropping program. If they won’t join you, beat them out of office.

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