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Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Claim forms have been sent to a potential 2,400 victims of the ChoicePoint personal data breach that happened back in February of 2005. They are still looking for more consumers who have experienced ID theft from this incident with actual out-of-pocket losses. You have until August 18, to file your claim. In an article by NetworkWorld, they provide a FTC Web site where you can download a claim form with information. The FTC also has another site with facts and advice on the matter here. The FTC identified another 1000 possible ID theft targets since December of 2006, in addition to the original 1,400 identified in 2005. This proves the point I have been making for the last two years that the identity thieves have become sophisticated enough to hold on to the sensitive data, and strike at a later date when you’ve let your guard down. If you are one of the 163,000 victims of the breach—and you should have been alerted by ChoicePoint—check all of your financial records for any suspicious activity. You’ll be glad today and not sorry tomorrow.

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