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Monday, July 05, 2010

GOP will regret alienating the illegal aliens

Robt. Creamer, columnist for the Huffington Post, says that Republicans will regret turning against undocumented immigrants, thus, alienating some Hispanic American citizens. Why? Because the latter are registering to vote in sharply increasing numbers, and it is likely most of them will vote Democratic. Creamer also says the GOP move was to keep from offending the Tea Party group.

As an example, Texas Republican Governor, Rick Perry, also supported by the Tea Party, has lost an early lead to Democrat, Bill White, according to Public Policy Polling (PPP). The PPP says it has all been due to Hispanicvoters.

Passage of the Arizona anti-immigration law, SB1070, forced Republicans to make a choice, and when it favored Tea Party racism strategy, a huge realignment started to take place in Latino voters across the U.S. Creamer says Hispanic voters see the GOP as anti-immigration zealots, and will punish them for it in the fall.

If the Hispanic community continues to grow at the fast pace it is on now—currently the fastest growing segment in America—it might be the chance liberals have been looking for. Put the conservatives where they belong; in at least second place…permanently.

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