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Friday, July 02, 2010

Way to go Chicago!!!

In a vote of 45 to 0, the Chicago City council today approved a handgun ordnance basically preventing the carrying of a handgun outside of the owner’s house or outside a gun shop. It was in answer to the Supreme Court’s decision recently, probably overturning Chicago’s 28-year-old handgun ban.

Monday’s Supreme Court ruling did not actually strike down Chicago’s handgun ban; rather, it sent it back to the federal appeals court for reconsideration

Also included are limits on the number of handguns residents can register in one month, parents must keep their guns safe from children, and requires training and education before gun ownership, plus other restrictions you can see here on MSNBC.

This is an issue that will no doubt flare up repeatedly during President Obama’s administration, and, hopefully, eventually secure the liberal votes to control Second Amendment rights. Yes, I said it, but there are some facets of gun rights that need overhauling.

To begin with, the only places AK-47’s are needed are in a war zone, or by law enforcement officials. Second, if “Bubba” wants to walk around with his gun in a holster like Wyatt Earp, feeling more important, let him do it in his living room.

Now let’s hear from you?

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