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Monday, January 04, 2016

Exploring the supernatural

Vampires and werewolves are in a world of their own, the world of the supernatural and, admit it or not, many of you are "bewitched" by the unknown. Now there are some who might fear the thought of the unexplored, but still are attracted, at least somewhat, to its exotic side. In other words, given the chance, most of us could get wrapped up in a good paranormal book about the demons of the other world that can be fascinating with their excursions into uncharted ways.

The vampire, which is the archetype of the supernatural, evolved into its own out of the industrial revolution when the population in Europe was redefining itself. In most cases the vampire is cast as villainous, according to By Light Unseen, but in some cases it can be the antihero, as I have done in my new novel, Nymphomania Bloodlust, to be published this month. Please look for it on and ask for it in your bookstores.

My antihero is Amy Rogers, an Arizona housewife, through whom you experience the transformation of a beautiful, sexy young woman into the monster that creates havoc throughout the metro Phoenix, Arizona area. She must, for her master, eliminate targeted Arizona politicians and some of the ways she employs are diabolical but sometimes comical. She's joined by a snowbird from Chicago who becomes her werewolf partner in the political carnage.

Next, I am going to review one of those not well know authors of vampire lore, but one who deserves promoting.

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