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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Hybrid vampires have more fun

In my novel, Nymphomania Bloodlust, due to be published any day now, I wanted to make my two antiheros the kind of vampire and werewolf that would be capable of dealing with any person or situation. To do this I researched the paranormal and came up with a kind of archfiend that would defy any obstacle that stood in its way. It's called a hybrid, which means simply that it is the super power of the supernatural.

Both my vampire, Amy Rogers, and my werewolf, Arnold Barber, were given super strength, super speed and super healing. The vampire, alone, received mind compulsion, immortality, pyrokinetic powers and daytime walking. I couldn't stand the thought of putting my gorgeous vampire, Amy, in a coffin to spend the night alone. I did make sure not to take advantage of these powers to allow the two beasts to do anything they wanted to.

Hybrids are a supernatural crossbreed between two different species, showing up in the TV series "Vampire Diaries" as a cross between a vampire and a werewolf. In Nymphomania Bloodlust they are simply a cross between two human beings and an unknown force from another world. In each case their hosts were a spectral presence emanating from  mysterious portals in the Superstition Mountains. My book will bring it all to life for you.