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Monday, February 12, 2007

Here Come the Bills. Here Come the Bills. Everybody Look Out. Here Come the Bills

They’re at it again, those congressional representatives that make waves to convince voters they are acting in their best interest. It’s all over the news in a flurry of the same old legislation that Democrats proposed while they were under the thumbs of the GOP. More. Vermont Dem Patrick Leahy leads the pack with a memorable quote: “Americans live in a world where their most sensitive personal information can be accessed and sold to the highest bidder, with just a few keystrokes on a computer, yet our privacy laws haven’t kept pace.” I believe he’s got it, what I have been saying for two years in this blog, yet he comes up with worthless legislation. For all the good it does, it allows the data breachers to decide when to notify the individual breached. The FTC Chairman wants to make “significant risk” the notification trigger, but doesn’t explain what that is. Is it so unreasonable to at least consider giving consumers control over their names and personal data? Let’s put it out there and see if it flies.

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