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Wednesday, March 28, 2007


In Matt Helton’s second paper on public apathy over privacy, he concludes that privacy advocates and academics are losing the war. Rather blunt, but he counters by releasing both for being at fault. It is “…due to an apathetic general populous.” he says. “Apathetics” like you or me, or the next door neighbor, who stand idle when our rights are challenged. Matt Helton realizes that the main players here are business and government in the collecting of your personal data; the former to manipulate consumers, and the latter to control American citizens. Business is in a conspiracy to cover up the identity crisis, and Helton explains it in two steps. First, loyalty programs; something free in return for your private information. Second, there is a cover up throughout the corporate world reflected in its promised, but never delivered security of your sensitive data. Supermarkets are prime examples of the frequent buyer approach in offering discounts for you to carry their store card, which records every item you purchase and maintains the information for years. On the other hand any company who accumulates your personal data will scream to the heavens that it is 100% secure, giving you a false sense of security as we know from the last two years. Next time, the government side.

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