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Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Industry publication, DM News, reports that the junk mail community is “keeping a close eye” on state legislation creating do-not-mail lists similar to the telemarketing do-not-call list. Two states, Colorado and Montana, just axed their bills; one with no explanation, the other, Colorado, is concerned over its effect on jobs. I am also concerned over the job market, but I am more distressed over the rampant loss of individual privacy, and the consumer’s inability to do anything about the abusive use of their names and personal data. Regardless, state laws are not the answer because that would require 50 sets of regulations for business to administer. Talking about raising the price of doing business, and they could say the government made them do it., a non-profit concerned with what Americans want out of life, has a short piece on this, including the states with pending legislation, if you are interested. We can flounder all over the U.S. with attempts to solve this issue but there is only one real solution. Pass federal legislation that will give consumers control over their names and private information, and pay them when it is sold.

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