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Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Jon Swartz in a USA Today article says it’s “Round 2” in Congress’ drive to pass meaningful data breach legislation. His headline indicates a “less combative” group of lawmakers, which I interpret as…business has finally gotten their ear. To make my point, the strongest bill is the Leahy/Specter “Personal Data Privacy and Security Act of 2007,” Senate Bill 495, that allows the breacher to decide if there is “significant risk” of identity theft. It took California’s “Shine the Light” law, passed in January of 2005 to catch the first culprit, ChoicePoint, in February 2005, and start the data protection momentum going. SB 495 would pre-empt the California bill, which would put us right back at square one. A Roy Mark piece on provides some good background on the Leahy/Specter legislation. It is obvious that even this new Democrat controlled Congress is not going to pass legislation that favors the consumer. There is too much greed for money and power, and that is exactly what business can supply.

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