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Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Maybe you have already figured this out, but I just discovered another crack in the dam for potential ID theft. When ordering pizza from a new source last week, the guy didn’t accept checks, but would accept a credit card. He took the CC number down, and promptly added that he would tear up this slip of paper and throw it away immediately. As if he was conscious of the possibility of my private information getting in the wrong hands. It occurred to me after finishing some great pizza, even tearing it up and throwing it away was not enough. Although his employees are probably honest, there are hundreds of inside jobs over the last two years since the ChoicePoint incident, where insiders have meticulously scavenged company trash for this sensitive consumer data. Remember years ago when credit card charge slips had carbon paper? For that reason, we normally pay by check in this kind of situation. There is a solution: request that the business save the paper your CC number is written on, and give it to you; in this case when the pizza is delivered. You’re probably thinking overkill, right? I’m thinking I just might have saved myself years of trying to repair my credit.

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