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Wednesday, March 21, 2007


In this case, technology is moving too fast, and something must be done immediately to protect consumers’ private information. I am talking about the recent uproar over the fact that copy machines retain the data being scanned, placing it at risk for ID thieves. Read more. Just in time for tax season where everything the crooks need to know is being copied by thousands of tax preparers in preparation for sending it to the IRS. And I’m not sure there’s anything you can do about it, at least in the immediate future. It would appear, however, that electronic filers are safe. What we need here is an investigation into why there is a disc to retain data to begin with. I don’t care if it is a part of the processing procedure; use it and lose it. Some machines are protected by encryption or an overwrite mechanism, but either remains vulnerable just like in the real world of computers. Sharp seems to be the leader in security measures offering a kit a few years ago to encrypt and overwrite what was being scanned. This is one of those sneaky “back door” kinds of breach potential, and needs to be closed now.

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