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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Between Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck…hate has no boundaries – Part 2

And on the other side of country, Glenn Beck on this past August 28 holding the “Restoring Rally” in Washington, D.C. that drew 500,000, no 300,000, no 90,000 to finally nobody really knows. Bob Cesca, sometime writer for the Huffington Post, did an article back in April indicating that he intended to expose Glenn Beck as a fraud. Here’s a quote from Cesca:

“This is all stuff that's been proven to resonate with (and utterly manipulate) certain American audiences who also willingly hand over their cash to obvious flimflam artists claiming to provide salvation. Glenn Beck is just pooling these techniques and applying them to American politics.”

Shela Grunow, another Huffington Post writer said:

“Glenn Beck spews hatred, racism, misogyny, and disrespect to anybody who doesn't subscribe to his sputum. That's what you call a demagogue.” Then she goes on to compare him with Joe McCarthy.

But another blogger, Adam, from the Throwing Quarters Blog, had it figured out: Beck is nothing but an entertainer and his shows and appearances are produced for that purpose with the goal to make Beck a millionaire. Just like Rush Limbaugh. With hate as the message. And yet the poor souls who follow him can’t yet figure that out.

The Dunning Letter has long ago.

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Anonymous said...

i just saw this post! Thanks so mcuh for the Link. i truly don't think Beck spews hate. He spews things that get a reaction.