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Sunday, September 05, 2010

A softer side of Iraq

The picture you see below is that of an American soldier fighting in Iraq, not against the enemy at this moment, but against the loss of meaning of why he is here to begin with. He is mowing the grass with a pair of scissors to keep this patch of home in readiness so he can feel it beneath his feet, as well as the other men of his squadron just before going on a mission. They hope this will bring them good luck.

You see, he asked his wife to send him good old U.S. soil, some fertilizer and grass seed. As you can see, it is planted just outside his tent, and it represents to him and his fellow soldiers the country they are fighting for. Whether or not you agree with the Iraq War, you have to believe in the men and women who are participating in it. And no matter what happens, we must support them to the bitter end.

This story was sent to me by my daughter, taken from an email that was being passed around. If anyone knows who the soldier is or anything else about this story, please leave a comment below.


A safe and happy Labor Day to all

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