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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Tired of political robocalls?

The November campaigns are heating up with the candidates in place, and you, my reader, are the target. It could be relentless, but there is something you can do. As you may know, the politicians make it illegal for anyone else to call you who is on the Do-Not-Call Registry. Except, they shrewdly left themselves out of the law.

Citizens for Civil Discourse has established a site where you can register, and they will contact all political parties, candidates, political action committees (PACS) and any other organizations that make the dreaded robocalls, and tell them you do not want to hear from them. Here is your link to I recommend you go there now to make sure you are in their registry for the coming onslaught.

It’s FREE, although you can sign up for a lifetime membership for $24.99. Shaun Dakin, founder of the site, worked the phones for John Kerry in 2004 and knows just how much people detest these calls. He decided to do something about it and this is the result. It’s not legal like the FTC’s DNC Registry, but most candidates know a call to someone on Dakin’s list is probably worthless.

John McCain used the robocall tactic in Colorado against then candidate Barack Obama in the 2008 Presidential election. While McCain attacked the robocall in public, privately he was using the strategy himself. It was the one attempting to tie Obama in with Bill Ayers, accusing Ayers of being a domestic terrorist years ago. It didn’t work and probably backfired somewhat on McCain.

So here’s your chance. You have 54 days until the November 2, elections, and even if you haven’t made up your mind yet, all you will get from politicians is self-serving political rhetoric anyway.

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