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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Off the Wall news headlines

The bizarre headlines keep coming so we thought you might like to see the latest crop, although some have been around for a while. As before, The Dunning Letter welcomes any you find, and with your clever comments.

“Levi Johnston sorry he said 'sorry' to Sarah Palin.” I don’t know if that’s because of what he did to Bristol, but they’re both too late.

“Michael Jackson's two eldest children have attended school for the first time.” Since Prince is 13, Paris, 12, and Blanket is 8, they have a lot of catching up to do.

“Banks not giving up on overdraft fees.” Talk about collapse. The day banks give up on anything that makes them even a nickel will be the day of complete financial cataclysm.

“The bereaved go bargain hunting.” Clearly this must mean for a less expensive casket, but, hey, someone could have spied a big sale at Macy’s on the way to the funeral.

Report: Paris Hilton claimed cocaine was gum. Now I’m no authority on cocaine, but if she mistook this for gum, she’s even dumber than we thought.

Kelly Osbourne strips. Can’t wait to see if her skin is painted black.

Please send in your headlines cause I’m fresh out for next week. In the meantime, keep laughing.

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