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Thursday, September 30, 2010

I pledge allegiance to the GOP Pledge?...or not – Part 3

If you are a part of the Tea Party then you’re going to love the “Pledge to America.” With more insight into this poppycock, you find that it would require Congress to confirm a Constitutional authority for any legislation, to post bills online 72 hours before a vote, and single out each measure to prevent the adding on of numerous provisions. The GOP has heard this repeatedly from the “tea baggers” and has apparently given in to their demands.

As an example, this would mean the Health-care legislation would not have passed. And as indicated by Perry Bacon, Jr. in The Washington Post, the public would have a few days to read legislation and propose changes. Stop me if I am wrong, but aren’t our congressional leaders supposed to listen to their constituents first, then make the decision as to what is best for the country? Isn’t that what we send them to Washington for?

Oh, wrong. That’s why the Congress has some of the lowest ratings today that it ever has. Bacon comments that these things weren’t even done often when Republicans ran things from 1995 to 2006. There is one big difference between the “Pledge” and the “Contract.” In 1994 the GOP proposed 12-year term limits for members of Congress. Actually, if we could ever get this passed, it would solve a lot of this country’s political problems.

Bacon doesn’t think the GOP would repeal the health-care law, just mess with it enough to slow it down, creating more hardships for those not covered or out of work and the economy in general. The Republicans also express ambiguity over just how they would balance the federal budget. If it gets that far, the Boehner gang would continue tax breaks for the rich.

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As The Dunning Letter indicated earlier, the GOP “Pledge to America” is a huge smokescreen to help them win the elections in November. How many will buy this hogwash remains to be seen, but there is time to turn this whole thing around and make some sense out of the next two years…maybe even six.

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