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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Who will suffer for “don’t ask, don’t tell’ failure?

First it’s the Hispanics who are virtually ignored by the Republicans, and then the party says no to the gay movement in trying to get their rights in the military. Before that, Blacks have received the same treatment over the years when conservatives refuse to pass or have killed legislation for social programs designed to help the needy.

What is it going to take to convince these groups, collectively, that the political right is not their friend, and their only hope is to support and pressure left-wing politicians? Forget the economy, it has nothing to do with these human rights issues, except to place an even larger burden on those individuals affected. What you—and I refer to Latinos, gays and Blacks—should be concerned about is just which party is most likely to work for you.

Since we aren’t yet at the point where the public would support a human rights party as a third option—and that may never happen—what you have left are the Democrats. Agreed, they haven’t been much help lately either, but they have been considerably more benevolent than the other side of the aisle. What The Dunning Letter is saying is, don’t turn government back over to the same Republicans that got us into this mess.

Yes, Obama should have addressed immigration reform before healthcare reform but he didn’t. We do have a new healthcare system that many feel will be good for this country as it is fine-tuned in the future. If you are one of its supporters, remember that Republicans have said that one of the first things on their agenda—should they take over Congress—is to repeal the new health reform law.

It’s not sour-grapes because “us” liberals are trailing in the polls, it’s just hard facts that eight years of Republican control created a situation so bad that some of the best minds in the U.S.—and I mean Republicans as well as Democrats—have not been able to right the ship. Just give the man time and some cooperation.

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