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Friday, September 03, 2010

Would you buy a used car from Arizona Governor Jan Brewer?

No? Then, would you vote for a candidate who performed as poorly as she did in Wednesday night’s gubernatorial debate on Channel 8 Public TV in Phoenix? You live in another state and you don’t care? Well, you should. Her unqualified support of the state’s new immigration bill, SB1070, is what put her ahead in the polls, both locally and nationally; otherwise, she is completely unqualified for the job. The debate proved that again.

At one point it looked as if she would break out laughing, probably thinking at the time, “What the hell am I doing here. I’m completely unequipped for this.”  You can see for yourself below:

She is unequipped, and her Democratic opponent Terry Goddard proceeded to decimate the current sitting governor who is there only because former governor Janet Napolitano left to take over as Secretary of Homeland Security for the Obama administration.

What’s your stake in this if you don’t live in Arizona? Brewer’s popularity has soared since she signed SB1070, and there was even brief mention of her running for President. At least 17 more states are considering similar immigration laws, even though Federal Judge Susan Bolton cut the meat out of SB1070, and the legislation is racially motivated to begin with.

Brewer has made several false statements about the immigration status of Arizona, one of which was that law enforcement had been finding beheaded bodies in the desert. Those law enforcement officials Brewer referred to said this was a complete untruth. Goddard asked her in the debate if she was willing to recant that statement, which she did not answer. Later, reporters asked the same thing of her and she just walked away.

If this is what conservatives want, God help us!

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