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Thursday, August 05, 2010

America’s toughest Sheriff treats death threat as ordinary business

Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio says the $1 million threat against him is not only part of his job, but it’s not even the biggest one. When he worked in the Drug Enforcement Administration in Mexico, someone put $5 million on his head. He tells CNN, “It’s part of my work. I do my job. Nothing changes.”

Arpaio’s spokesperson, Lisa Allen, said the message was sent to a “text message tree,” similar to a phone tree. The FBI reported awareness of the situation but no planned federal investigation. According to Phoenix FBI Special Agent Manuel Johnson, they would offer help if requested by Arpaio.

Fox News reported that Allen commented, "It's going so many different places that our folks are looking at it and thinking well, at any given point in time, it could land in front of some crazy person who thinks I can do that." It is also thought the message originated in Mexico from a drug cartel. Arpaio has had his share of criticism and praise recently over abuse of power issues and county sweeps to identify and arrest illegal aliens.

Photo compliments AP

He is also an avid supporter of Arizona’s Immigration Law, SB1070.

The 78-year-old sheriff is famous for setting up his tent city in Arizona’s desert to house inmates in 100 degree-plus temperature. He also makes them wear pink underwear as their “pink badge of guilt.” He brags that he pays more to feed his dog than the prisoners in his jail. Not so good for the inmates, but this clearly shows the soft side to the Sheriff.

Arpaio runs a no-kill animal shelter in a fifty-year-old jail that was closed to prisoners years ago. It is air conditioned, staffed by deputies, with female inmates acting as “volunteers” to care for the animals. In many cases these inmates go on to work with animals when they are released.

Arpaio probably doesn’t want the Mexican drug cartel to know this because it might be considered a sign of weakness. However, animal lovers know it is a sign of character.

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