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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Iowa egg farm needs some serious investigation

The massive egg recall by the Iowa farm, Wright County Egg, has spurred several comments that question whether the Federal Drug Administration is doing its job. The FDA reported that it had “no inspectional history” with it or the other culprit, Hillandale Farms, also a part of the recall. Not only are the two involved in salmonella contamination, but Wright is also suspected of providing tainted feed to Hillandale.

The FDA, according to Deputy Commissioner Dr. Joshua Sharfstein, is looking at the “overall” contamination of the facilities, not just the feed. The salmonella found at Wright County Farms matches the “fingerprint” that was found in many of the 1,470 illnesses caused.

Austin “Jack” DeCoster, Wright owner, has a record of violations in the last 20 years for health, safety, immigration and environment violations paying millions in fines. Apparently the FDA went clueless through all this, as well as the state of Iowa. DeCoster has not yet commented on the situation and doesn’t look particularly happy in the photograph. Hopefully, this chronic offender will be made considerably unhappier in the future.

Photo compliments Lewistoown, Maine Sun Journal

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