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Friday, August 13, 2010

Should Arizona Governor Jan Brewer be recalled?

Barry Broome, head of the Greater Phoenix, Arizona Economic Council, who hasn’t spoken with Governor Jan Brewer since her signing of SB1070, calls the law “one of the nation’s most draconian illegal-immigration bills.” The term draconian is derived from the Latin word Draco, which means dragon. Draco, the man, was a 7th-century Athenian, and the first lawgiver of Athens, Greece. He was known for prescribing death for almost every offense. Broome goes on to cite Brewer’s fight with the feds destined to cost the state dollars and prestige.

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This kind of classification indicates that someone doesn’t think that there is room for consideration from the Governor’s office other than to follow the path of destruction many think she is leading the state down. No doubt her accomplice, State Senator Russell Pearce, author of the bill, agrees, and will remain SB1070’s biggest supporter.

Sounds like grounds for a recall to me, especially when you consider that many political experts say Brewer did it just to raise her image and increase popularity for the upcoming election in November. It worked. How this could have swayed the minds of so many Arizonans is both perplexing and troubling. First, she doesn’t have one-tenth the credentials as Terry Goddard, the Democrat running against her who is behind in the polls. Second, she has spewed so much misinformation about Arizona’s immigration problems and border security that even the dimmest of wits should be able to see through it.

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