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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Senate not only broken, it’s in last stages of disintegration

George Packer, writing for the New Yorker, says the Senate is “slipping back into stagnant waters.” It seems more like a cesspool where two factions, the Dems and the GOP, are fighting a dirty battle that only gets raunchier and more inane every day. And then Mitch McConnell, the Minority Leader, comes up with the comment that the Senate with its customs “takes a bit of getting used to.” The man, like most of the other “good ole boys” in that body, is completely out of touch, without a clue of how stupid that statement is, or how the public views this arrogant attitude..

McConnell also dismissed as “no big deal” late GOP Senate “secret holds” on bills as not really being secret. They are not only secret but downright ludicrous, as evidenced by Republican opposition to the recent “unemployment extension” and the Gulf oil spill legislation.” The Dems don't fare any better, and we may very well be in the last throes of this historic institution.

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