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Monday, August 16, 2010

Should Arizona Governor Jan Brewer be recalled? Part 2

In last Friday’s post, we covered the statement by the Greater Phoenix Arizona Economic Council head, Barry Broome, that SB1070 is “one of the nation’s most draconian illegal-immigration bills.” Followed by the draconian definition that indicates the law might be overreaction to the issue. Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon says the result is a projected loss of $92 million in business for the state. He comments in Newsweek, “Anyone who says our image has not been hurt is living in a bubble.”

Robert Lang of Brookings Mountain West, a Las Vegas think tank, said Phoenix “risks becoming the next Birmingham, [Alabama].” He refers to an attack on the 16th Street Baptist Church there on September 15, 1963, by members of the Ku Klux Klan. I was there soon after and it was not a pretty sight. Birmingham suffered for years and probably has never fully recovered from this incident. Lang thinks Arizona could turn into a “bastion of Intolerance,” and Arizonans have Jan Brewer to thank for that.

And the coup de grace is blowhard Rush Limbaugh praises her while some conservatives are thinking of running her for President in 2012. Arizona should drop the ax on Governor Brewer now so she can vie for the job with Sarah Palin in the primary. It would certainly be the most laughable presidential election in history.  And I am not a chauvinist.

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