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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Supplement Social Security with Junk Mail

I have been advocating the concept of supplementing Social Security with consumer spending for junk mail products or services for over six years. It works this way. You buy something from junk mailer A, and he sells your name to junk mailer B. You see something in junk mailer B’s catalog you like, so you buy something from him. Although you might not make a purchase from every company buying your name, you will end up on countless mailing lists.

For each junk mail purchase you make, your name and personal data is sold from 25 to 50 times. The mailing list industry generates over $4 billion each year selling your name and private information. Shouldn’t you share in that income since there would be nothing to sell without you?

I spent 35 years as a data broker selling your name and personal data, and can come up with absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t be a party to this revenue. By my calculations, the average person could add $607 monthly to their retirement income. In many cases, especially if two people in the household are junk mail junkies, this could provide all that’s needed for a secure future.

President Obama said recently that the Republicans are trying to destroy Social Security by privatizing it. However, most of the GOP wouldn’t touch this program, even in an off-election year. George W. Bush tried this during his administration and got no respect, even from his fellow conservatives. Something basic must be done, however, or the funds will supposedly run out by 2037.

I say fine tune Social Security in its current form and take a look at my concept of supplementing that with junk mail. I have a plan, Mr. President, if you are interested.

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