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Friday, October 01, 2010

Democrats and progressives…a call to arms

If you are a Democrat or progressive, President Obama requests your attendance at the midterm elections on November 2, 2010. RSVP. You can respond by emailing the White House here. This could be the party of parties, and while your participation will be a brief one—voting only takes a matter of minutes—there is a desperate need for your presence.

Your absence will mean that a Republican, Tea Party member, or other conservative will take your place in line. The result could be a GOP Congress that bodes well for big business and the wealthy, but an abomination for the average Joe and Joan. Us.

The President told Rolling Stone that, “People need to shake off this lethargy.” He wonders if some of those who backed him in 2008, and who now seem reluctant to stick with his campaign for “change,” were really serious in the first place. Obama delivered on health care, got tougher on Wall Street and increased aid to college students. What’s missing is immigration reform, which has fallen victim to midterm elections.

There is no doubt in most minds that Republicans made the decision early-on in Barack Obama’s administration to resist anything the new President proposed. This, along with a Congress that has performed as poorly as any in history, and has unfavorable ratings to back that up, has turned off voters. The level of apathy has risen to new heights as we approach just a month before the election.

The base is still there to reelect a Democratic Congress that will give Obama the support necessary to pass important programs like education, environmental legislation and gay rights, as well as the looming issue of immigration reform that is currently tearing the country apart.

The economy is on the mend and the jobless situation is going to take time, but it won’t happen at all with a GOP-controlled Congress that wants to continue to send jobs out of the country, and which favors the labor practices of big business. A focus on job creation along with re-education can become a reality, but only if it comes from the right direction. And that is not the Right.

Hopefully all the liberal bloggers will join The Dunning Letter in helping to raise the level of awareness of what is at stake on November 2. Just imagine Mitch McConnell and John Boehner sitting in the driver’s seat. That should do it. And don’t forget to RSVP.

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