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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Angry over politics? No matter…you’re only 23 percent of the electorate

That’s right, and the likely-to-vote segment is even smaller. A Newsweek poll also found that of the 23 percent, only 14 percent are Democrats; 52 percent Republicans and 29 percent Independents. Those numbers could be both bad and good for the Democrats. Another interesting finding was that anger alone won’t be the determining factor in November. The angry tend to be white and over 30.

President Obama’s approval rating is still at 48 percent, and the Newsweek poll re-confirmed from an earlier poll that voters who think the country is off course have more of a tendency to blame it on Bush than Obama.

Angry or not, Democrat or Independent or Republican, you need to vote.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

There is one reason why I haven't voted, and probably why I won't vote next time: It doesn't matter.

You might scream and rant at this comment, but really, it doesn't. No matter the president, they're all ineffective slobs in the end, who cater to the ones who line their pockets and not the populace.

The president isn't responsible for the economy, companies that refuse to hire people or offer decent wages are. Congress and the Senate are responsible because they are just like the president, except the MAKE the laws allowing exportation of our jobs, allowing companies like Experian to continue screwing us, allowing the shoddy treatment of the people -- and they do this with smiles, as their pockets are lined.

What is the point of my vote? Vote for the lesser of two evils? I'd rather vote for something that will do some good, not a mask that can be made into whatever the people will believe while the person gets money for pushing shitty legislation into law screwing over the ones that are supposed to be 'their boss', and be served -- you and I.

Politics and politicians do NOT serve the interest of the public, or the common good. They serve themselves, and whoever can serve them.

Here is my vote: We should line up every politician and have them all shot for treason against the People of the USA. I could handle that. Actions should be taken, not fist-pumping and crying (which is what we do for lack of action).