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Monday, October 18, 2010

Will Starbucks wine and beer mix with guns?

Eventually it all has to get down to booze, and Starbucks is testing the serving of wine and beer in its Seattle Capitol Hill store. They already allow customers to bring their guns to locations in all “open-carry” states, which Washington is. The mixture of beer and gun bubbas should prove to be another interesting experiment.

For the life of me I cannot understand why these gun fanatics feel they have to parade around with their guns strapped on. Is it just to prove they are a real man or woman?

Gun violence has occurred in open-carry bars, and some gun control advocates think it is just a matter of time until it gets worse. A reason for this is the general feeling, portrayed daily by organizations like the National Rifle Assn., that gun owners should be allowed such unlimited freedom with their handguns.

Here are two instances of gun violence in bars, one resulting in death. First, Euclid, Ohio, then Manchester, New Hampshire.

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