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Friday, October 08, 2010

Tragic comment on "The Dunning Letter" demands attention

There was a comment posted on October 5, to this blog’s post, “Angry over politics? No matter…you’re only 23 percent of the electorate,” which was beyond angry. It begins by stating the writer has not voted and won’t vote in November. “It doesn’t matter,” he or she said. It goes on to define all presidents as “ineffective slobs” that are there to line their pockets. The person does relieve President Obama of the responsibility of the economy, and lay it on corporations who refuse to hire people or pay decent wages.

There is more about Congress, which is compared to presidents in its effectiveness, and which exports our jobs out of the country. The commenter’s solution is to line all the politicians up and have them shot for treason against the people of the USA. There is even an added comment, “I could handle that.”

Washington…we have a problem!

You can read the full comment here.

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