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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Arizona cities want injunction against state’s new immigration law upheld

Two major Arizona cities, Tucson and Flagstaff, have filed legal briefs for the feds to uphold the injunction against the state’s new immigration law, SB1070. The law was the brainchild of State Senator Russell Pearce, an accused racist, and signed by Governor Jan Brewer, who recently displayed her aptitude in a debate with November opponent, Democrat Terry Goddard. Tucson and Flagstaff are joined by three smaller cities, San Luis, Tolleson and Somerton.

This all comes amid official government reports that the immigration problem has been improving for ten years, and an investigation into Brewer’s staff for financial connections with the private prison system that will house arrested illegal immigrants. Meanwhile, the rage over SB1070 has taken the country by storm, as if we have been overrun by aliens, forgetting the fact of their seasonal need to harvest many crops.

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