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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Phoenix Suns owner, Robert Sarver gets “Year in Sanity” award has recognized Robert Sarver, a banker and entrepreneur in addition to owning the Phoenix Suns basketball team, for his “sanity” in condemning Arizona’s new Immigration Law, SB1070. Sarver commented that it interfered with “…basic principles of equal rights and protection under the law…” The “Year in Sanity” award came after the team donned jerseys saying “Los Suns” to honor the Latino community in game 2 of the recent playoffs.

Sarver affirms that federal immigration laws have failed, but you don’t replace one bad law with another bad law. He states that SB1070 is “flawed.” Most of the country knows this by now, since Federal Judge Bolton struck down the substance of the bill, and an appeal by Arizona’s Governor, Jan Brewer, was denied. Brewer has still been able to ride the momentum of SB1070 with out of touch Arizonans to November’s ballot.

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