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Monday, October 18, 2010

Nevada on the fringe of lunacy with Sharon Angle

I do not live in Nevada. I am not a Democrat. But Harry Reid must defeat Tea Party candidate Sharon Angle if Nevada is to continue as a civilized state. Angle’s latest TV ad attacks Reid for his support of the DREAM ACT, rivaling the 1988 “Willie Horton” ad in its despicability. Then she heads over to a Las Vegas school to defend the ad to Hispanics. The ad shows three “illegal immigrants” trying to cross the border. (SEE BELOW)

The same three “illegal immigrants” were used in an ad by the Louisiana Governor, indicating they must be crossing several borders at once. Tibi Ellis, Chairwoman of the Nevada Republican Hispanic Caucus who also used to work for Angle, has condemned the ad calling it “propaganda.” It’s this kind of racist politics that has turned off most of the American voting public, but apparently not the Tea Party.

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