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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

GOP goes un-American to win in Nevada

When you tell a group not to vote in order to win an election, you have stooped to the lowest level when it comes to American ideals. A sixty-second ad run by an organization called Latinos for Reform (you can see below on You Tube) is running in Nevada to help elect Tea Party candidate, Sharron Angle, and defeat Democrat Harry Reid. It says: "Don't vote this November. This is the only way to send [Democrats] a clear message…”

Despicable, but typical of what we have come to expect from tea partiers.

The Nevada Latin Chamber of Commerce has condemned the ad, and the Nevada Democratic Party states that Latinos for Reform is operating to elect Sharron Angle. Its president was director of Hispanic affairs for the Republican National Committee in the past, which could indicate his intentions are not necessarily in the best interest of Hispanics. In other words, Karl Rove business as usual.

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