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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Things don’t look good for progressives, but could they get better?

Photo by Mirimcfly

Not according to the Cook Political Report. As of today, Cook is predicting a wave next week that has “crested” around 8 Senate seats and 52 House seats in contention for the Democrats to worry about. A huge loss by the Dems has subsided in the last month, but the report doesn’t look for many gains by the left. With Independents clearly turning to the right, there’s little left they can do but hope for a miracle.

If President Obama had listened to the next Chicago mayor, his party might well have been flying high by now. Rahm Emanuel wanted to cut a deal on health care and get busy on the economy. Obama said no. This might well have earned him some points with the GOP to at least start immigration reform, and quell the “Don’t ask don’t tell” mess. In both cases, he may have lost a huge block of voters.

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