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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Once again, the United Kingdom shows the way

We may be 215 years away from British rule, but they are still teaching us the ropes when it comes to running a country. Ruth Marcus, in a Washington Post editorial, illustrates how UK conservatives make those in the U.S. look like incompetent clowns, which most of those in Congress are. She provides us five points where the Tories show our congressional leaders how to get the job done.

First, instead of painting blue sky, be specific in attacking the fiscal crisis. Marcus uses the “laughable” Republican “Pledge to America” as an example. Second, sacrifice has to start at the top with the rich. Third, the Tea Party is another joke, because there is a need for government programs and regulation. Fourth, not only stop the Bush tax cuts, enact tax increases on higher incomes. Fifth, the Tories visualize politics as a “reasonable debate, not tribal dividing lines.”

Somehow, this country must find a way to return to effective and civilized government.

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