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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Even religion can be a victim of the economy

The Crystal Cathedral Ministries in Garden Grove, California has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. This is Robert H. Schuller’s dream that started from a drive-in theatre in 1955, moving in 1961 to a sanctuary designed by the architect, Richard Neutra. I attended services in the late 1950s at the drive-in because the assistant pastor lived across the street from me in Huntington Beach and said they were desperate to add new members.

The Cathedral has been a tourist attraction for years, but has recently become the victim of the economy and a decrease in donations. The elder Schuller retired in 2006 and placed his son, Robert A. in charge, but later removed him from one of the church’s main sources of income, the Hour of Power TV program.

The Crystal Cathedral is a magnificent monument to the founder’s philosophy that everyone should have a place to worship, even in a t-shirt and shorts, which many donned when it was a drive-in.  I did.

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