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Friday, October 15, 2010

Potential Tea Party victories should send chills up the spines of voters with sound minds

Photo by Gemsling
 After Republican fears that this lunatic fringe could scuttle their plans to take over Congress in the mid-terms, The New York Times reports that some Tea Party candidates are strong enough to create a caucus large enough to support their agenda. That would be to repeal health care reform, financial regulation, and replace Social Security and Medicare with personal savings accounts.

With 33 of their candidates in House tossup races, and 8 with good chances at Senate seats, this is a call to arms for all progressives that need to get out and vote to prevent this cataclysm. Since African-Americans and Hispanics would be hardest hit by a Tea Party style government—which, by the way, has no official platform—they should think twice about staying home on Election Day. States with the highest concentration of Tea Party candidates are South Carolina, Massachusetts, and Arizona.

Get out the vote!

More on this later.

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