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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Early voting: Lifestyle trend or convenience necessity?

Ten states will have started early balloting by the end of this week. There are 36 in all plus D.C. that allow it some form. It’s easy. You sign up for early voting by mail, and sit around the kitchen table and discuss the political situation and who you want to vote for. There is a distinct advantage here. When you go to the polls, there is sometimes a last minute tendency to make a decision you may regret later. At home, with the mail-in ballot in hand, you have several days to think about it.

We have the junk mail industry to thank for this. Early balloting by mail takes its lead from junk mailers who sell direct to the consumer, and with the convenience of being able to shop in their home.

Read more here, also whether and when it is available in your state.

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