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Friday, October 15, 2010

The homeowner did it…so says Wall Street

Wall Street is attempting to relieve the banks of the responsibility that they first lured, and then sold homebuyers crappy mortgages. It’s not their fault, says the Street. It’s the homeowner’s fault. This “out of touch,” “still don’t get it” group has become even more pathetic in recent months, while trying to get the financial downturn they caused behind them.

Well, it won’t happen, and no matter how many times this arrogant bunch of bozos cries wolf, it will always be known that they caused the worst financial decline in history since the Great Depression. In California, not only have thousands of homeowners reported on questionable mortgage practices, but even thousands more said that bank incompetence was responsible for them not getting loan modifications.

What happened to investigations that really investigate? What we need is another Kefauver.

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