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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Arizona State Senator starts new racist campaign

State Senator Russell Pearce from Arizona, who authored SB1070, the state’s new immigration law, is at it again, but now Hispanic children are his target. Pearce is known for his association with J.T. Ready an admitted racist and neo-Nazi, and now he wants to change the 14th Amendment that automatically grants citizenship to babies born to illegal immigrants in the U.S. He is joined by lawmakers in 14 other states.

You can see the Pearce/Ready camraderie in the You Tube video, below.

The 14th Amendment interpretation dates back to 1898, and maybe there is some need for revisiting it for the sake of a more modern understanding. But Russell Pearce is not the right individual for the task with his excess baggage of Latino hate. Now Pearce has said he wants to take this all the way to the Supreme Court. Most legal minds have said his legislation will only waste more money for the state of Arizona and elsewhere.

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